Birthday Van

Today it was my Dads birthday. We booked a table at the Royal beacon hotel in Exmouth for the family. I went up in advance and arranged for ballons and my cake to be brought out.

My dad loves his HA van, we all joke that the only original part on it is the gear knob! Still it keeps him happy, so I decided to re-create, in cake form of course.

The curse of the baby brain has struck already, for some bizarre reason I couldn’t spell Birthday! Still it was memorable…


I do love my cookbooks and friends have bought me some truly lovely books. Its just a shame that all the really nice ones all seem to be American. it makes it really hard to convert the measurements to get it right, but also the ingredients are impossible to get here.

So I had to do alot of improvising on these, there were all kinds of sweets and biscuits things we simply don’t have here! Anyway tried to do my best and I am pretty pleased with the outcome.

This were made for my bestest friends birthdays, he loves pussy cats 🙂