4th Birthday Cake for Libby

Well in between working shifts, looking after the baby, a husband and 2 energetic boys I have been creating a 4th Birthday cake for my work colleagues little girl who turned 4.

Anything fairy and butterfly was the brief, then I got given the birthday plates and cups…..

Then it seemed an obvious choice to make the cake match the plates!
I made a triple layer sponge cake with raspberry jam and buttercream icing and coating. Next a layer of fondant to create a surface to work on and then I applied the two tone colouring to make the plate.

Now time to create the fairy masterpiece….

Now add a few butterflies, flowers, hearts and some letters and what do you get…

Halloweeeeen Cakes (with a poorly knee)

Yesterday it was Halloween and as is tradition in this house we make cakes. However this year we couldn’t go trick or treating as Harry (nearly 9) smashed his knee up last week, had to spend a night in hospital and have an operation on it!

Bless him, so he has been off school all week, to cheer him up missing halloween with his mates we made some ghoulish cakes in green and red.