Wedding Cupcakes at Canoteign Falls

This week I have been mainly engrossed in carrot cupcakes!

150 cupcakes start out like looking like this



A bit of baking and we are in mid flow



Now I have 150 cupcakes made with amazingly no hitches its time for the icing, my favorite part

photo 5 photo 4(1) photo 3(1)

I prefer to use swiss meringue icing when making cupcakes I think its give s a smoother more professional look as opposed to butter icing with 300 hand made embossed heart shape toppers with the bride and grooms initials and plenty of silver sparkly sprinkles I think they are about ready.

The finished product at Canoteign Falls, beautiful location. The top cake I made a week in advance, I call it my ‘sunshine’ fruit cake as it contains ginger, cherries and apricots, lemons and oranges, perfect for a summer wedding.

photo 2-3 photo 3-3 photo 1-3

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4th Birthday Cake for Libby

Well in between working shifts, looking after the baby, a husband and 2 energetic boys I have been creating a 4th Birthday cake for my work colleagues little girl who turned 4.

Anything fairy and butterfly was the brief, then I got given the birthday plates and cups…..

Then it seemed an obvious choice to make the cake match the plates!
I made a triple layer sponge cake with raspberry jam and buttercream icing and coating. Next a layer of fondant to create a surface to work on and then I applied the two tone colouring to make the plate.

Now time to create the fairy masterpiece….

Now add a few butterflies, flowers, hearts and some letters and what do you get…

Halloweeeeen Cakes (with a poorly knee)

Yesterday it was Halloween and as is tradition in this house we make cakes. However this year we couldn’t go trick or treating as Harry (nearly 9) smashed his knee up last week, had to spend a night in hospital and have an operation on it!

Bless him, so he has been off school all week, to cheer him up missing halloween with his mates we made some ghoulish cakes in green and red.

The Great British Bake off

Well I am an avid fan of the great british bake off, and love the technical challenges. Every week I want to bake some more, but a certain little person stops me. I can’t wait until she can bake with me…..

However Sacher Torte, I have never made this before, but I was really impressed with how it turned out. I actually made it as a Thank You, so it doesn;t have the traditional ‘Sacher Torte’ wording.

Things aren’t quite what they seem

This post has been put in retrospectively. I made these at the time I thought for a really good friend. I really wanted to make her something to make her birthday a bit special, even with Esmé around I managed to find the time whilst she was asleep to make these.

However, my normal good judge of character was completely wrong in this case, which is unusual for me. Obviously she had an issue with me for quite some time but was putting on a face every time we met (the worst type of friend). I look back now and think what a fool I was. The friendship ended badly and will never be reunited, I was actually the victim in all this as an unprovoked assasination was launched at me. However it was all turned around on me and I was made to look like a nasty person, however I have never had a friendship end before (unlike this person – perhaps that goes to show something).

What upset me the most is this person didn’t even have the balls to speak to me directly, perhaps she was scared, insecure probably. I don’t know, I don’t take fools gladly and don’t need molly coddling, hence the job I have makes me a strong confident person. I can only assume she was intimidated by me.

Its just a shame she didn’t think of the wider effects it would have, especially for my husband. Still great cakes, just not worthy for the person.

What have I learnt from it though…Its not about the quantity of friends you have its the quality.

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