Welcome to the world Esmé Sylvia Margaret Quinton

Phew, here she finally is. So so so proud, my little girl came into the world Jan 29th at 10.50pm. After only 8 hours labour out she popped.

I think I was very lucky, it was all over from water breaking at 3pm to her arrival at 1050pm, all done on gas and air. So proud of her and me. I had been doing loads of yoga and breathing and I have to say it REALLY paid of, I would definately recommend Tara Lees DVDs.

All that hair, thats why I had heartburn for 9 months!

Birthday Van

Today it was my Dads birthday. We booked a table at the Royal beacon hotel in Exmouth for the family. I went up in advance and arranged for ballons and my cake to be brought out.

My dad loves his HA van, we all joke that the only original part on it is the gear knob! Still it keeps him happy, so I decided to re-create, in cake form of course.

The curse of the baby brain has struck already, for some bizarre reason I couldn’t spell Birthday! Still it was memorable…


I do love my cookbooks and friends have bought me some truly lovely books. Its just a shame that all the really nice ones all seem to be American. it makes it really hard to convert the measurements to get it right, but also the ingredients are impossible to get here.

So I had to do alot of improvising on these, there were all kinds of sweets and biscuits things we simply don’t have here! Anyway tried to do my best and I am pretty pleased with the outcome.

This were made for my bestest friends birthdays, he loves pussy cats 🙂

Black Cherry cupcakes

I had a pot of black cherry jam delivered today in my Waitrose shop, and that got me thinking… black cherry cupcakes. I found some natural glazed cherries and I was away.

These cakes are filled with the black cherry jam, iced and a cherry on top for good luck x

I am thinking when I am too big to reach the kitchen counter, my baking is going to slow down, 8 weeks pregnant…

For once I am make a cake for myself – MY WEDDING :-)

Well this Saturday it was wedding, so why on earth would I pay someone else to make my cake, when I knew exactly how I wanted it to look.

We only had a small wedding at a local venue – Bicton House, Devon. But it was perfect, the weather was lovely and I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Plus we found out afterwards there was a small surprise neither of knew about!!!

Cutting the cake

Mmmmm yummmy

Now then what was that surprise….

Here goes – 120 Wedding cupcakes – Part one

This weekend I have been soooo busy making this wedding cake.

120 cupcakes and a 6 inch cake for the top. Each cupcake is chocolate filled with icing to match the brides colours.

Firstly I had to clear a whole side of my kitchen in order to place all the cupcakes ready for icing…








Next came the mammoth task of icing and placing the individually made topping on each cake, complete with sparkles and dusting









Pretty pleased with outcome, have to say I have spent hours on them, just hope the pick up and delivery goes smoothly.